(BACnet / MODBUS / KNX / DALI) Building Management System



Visualize and control any building with many advanced modules like SQL queries, database management, advanced logic, logs, etc.

HTML5 optimized

Responsive modules like, smart metering, scheduler, scenes, charts, alarms, etc. All having very intuitive graphical user interfaces.


Multi-user, multi-project, special user-rights, multilingual and user-friendly visualization.

What is Evolution BMS?


  • The EVOLUTION BMS is a multiprotocol (BACnet / MODBUS / KNX / DALI / ETC) SCADA / BMS system that monitors, visualise and controls the building`s mechanical and electrical equipment such as HVAC, lighting, blinds, technical alarms, hydraulics, security, power systems, etc.

Which EVOLUTION BMS best suits my needs?


EVOLUTION BMS is available in 4 formats. The only difference between them is the hardware that must be taken into account to best fit the needs of your project. HARDWARE VERSIONS:

  • EVOLUTION BMS Server 19-Inch Rack


  • EVOLUTION BMS VIRTUAL MACHINE HW-bound Integrator Server

What is included in Evolution BMS?

Included in Evolution BMS

  • Unlimited HTML visualization interfaces (Create and customize your own interfaces)
  • Advanced logic module
  • Scenes module
  • Alarm module
  • Weekly Scheduler module
  • Annual Planner module
  • Smart Metering Module
  • Ping Module (Allow yoyu to check if a device is still alive)
  • Log Manager module
  • SQL Exec module (Allows you to retrieve information from the database as if it were a virtual object. Eg Consumption value of the last week.)
  • Report Tool for individual calculation of project costs (Calculate the effort it took to configure your project in Evolution)
  • Database manager (Automatized backups and exportation of data recorded)
  • Templates** (Design one page and reuse many times with different datapoints)
  • Multiple, advanced and full customizable user display elements to show values or status or send them.
  • Charts elements
  • IP Camera Elements

Which licenses are included?

Licenses and extensions included as standard

  • 5 x Smart Visu (You have the possibility of creating up to 5 visualizations for Smart Devices)
  • 5 x KNXnet/IP gateways (You can connect up to 5 KNXnet/IP gateways to control different installations, building or zones if you need it)
  • 5 x ModBus devices (You can configure up to 5 ModBus devices to extract and send data from them)
  • 1 x BACnet device (You can configure a BACnet IP gateway to extract and send data from all devices connected to it)
  • 5 x Smart Metering meters (You can configure up to 5 meters without the need for an additional license. Evolution will record the telegrams related to your meters and through its smartmetering module you will be able to control your spending, see when you consume more and thus be able to make adjustments to your routines or make decisions that help you save).
  • 5 x Simultaneous users (Visu/Smartvisu) (You can create as many users as you need and up to 5 users can enter the visualization simultaneously)
  • 2 x Independent Multi-Project (Application modules and user profiles manager) *
  • 1 x DALI e64 IPAS gateways*** (You will be able to configure a DALI e64 gateway to overview and control everything connected to this gateway in an easy way)
* Enables the configuration of an additional and independent project on the Evolution Server. Users and Visualizations can be assigned individual categories, scenes, schedules, alarms, etc. I.e. a Housing estate with 100 houses, acquire one evolution and 100 Additional Multi-Project users Licenses, controlling this way 100 houses with a single Evolution. ** Template page with virtual process points and multiple links each with different datapoints. (i.e. Hotel with 100 equal rooms. Only create one room with virtual/template process points and create floorplan with 100 links for each room. The datapoints are assigned to the link of each room) *** DALI e64 Management Tool. The intention of this module is to have a simple user interface which displays the states of IPAS Dali e64 devices. Considering the number of data points which has to be observed this tool discharges the communication over KNX bus exhaustive because it uses an web-interface for communication purposes. Nevertheless it is recommended to limit the number of observed dali devices to 30 devices per Evolution-Box because dependent on the configuration this can lead up to 30,000 observed data values.

What else does it offer?

Other licenses available

  • 1 x MasterSlave (Allows you to scale the infrastructure by connecting evolutions with each other in a hierarchical way. Manage shared Process points and use them in the Master Evolution)